Fault Priority Management

Should your problem become critical and you feel the need for additional focus, please contact customer services on 01202 317657. Judgement and discretion are used on every fault. This is due to the fact that every fault will impact customers differently and hence a unique solution may be required.

You will need to supply two additional test numbers to the same faulty destination/country. This is due to carriers no longer accepting one number faults. If the additional numbers are found to fail over BT a fault ticket will not be opened.

Faults are categorized into three grades of priority.

Priority 1

The target time to respond for Priority 1 faults is generally 5 hours.

Priority 2

The target time to respond for Priority 2 faults is generally 12 hours.

Priority 3

Priority 3 faults are not generally subject to target response times but we aim to respond within 24 hours.

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